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Jukka Paasikivi - Rauma

A versatile and lively cluster of international business

Rauma region is the home for one of the most versatile industrial bases in Finland. The industrial success in Rauma region started with forestry and related industries, but it quickly spread into other fields, especially into metal industry. The port and the railroads guaranteed a smooth flow of goods and people both to other cities in Finland and to other ports home and abroad.

Today Rauma region still has a very strong and modern forestry industry producing a wide array of goods – from timber to tall oil and from pulp to paper. This industry sector has become the key player in developing a bio and environment technology cluster in the region. Rauma also has a state-of-the-art shipyard capable of manufacturing large vessels for the most demanding sea operations around the world. The shipyard has served as a spin-off platform for a large number of companies producing equipment for maritime and off-shore projects. For example, two of the world’s leading propulsor manufacturers are located in Rauma.


Rauma region has many successful metal companies who have turned themselves into modern, international companies utilizing modern technologies and innovations from other business areas. Once a declining industry has been able to renew itself well.

Energy is produced for the need of local companies in three nuclear power reactors. The nuclear energy cluster is one of the key specialty areas in Rauma region and the companies locally carry all know-how in the field, except for mining and fuel manufacturing.

The region also produces large quantities of food. Rauma region can be called the source of food for Finns. The country’s only sugar factory is located here and the number of small delicacy producers is notable.

Schools and universities educate highly skilled workforce and work with the local companies in research and development. There is also a large number of international students in Rauma.

Cultural events, including music, art and sports, are held around the year. A great number of international tourists visit the Unesco world heritage sites in Rauma every summer.

Location by the sea has always played a big role in the local people’s life. The sea is a source of food, a route for transportation and a place to enjoy free time. Due to the favorable location and the industry it has enabled, Rauma region has become truly an international industrial hub that attracts investments also from abroad.

My personal background is in my family company in the heating and plumbing sector. The company was established 70 years ago as a small metal workshop and today it is the leading provider of advanced sanitary fittings in the Nordics and a major contender in Continental Europe.

Jukka Paasikivi
Danish honorary consul in Rauma