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Ingmar Karlsson - Borgå

My name is Ingmar Karlsson and I have worked since 2003 as honorary consul for Denmark in the town of Porvoo (Swe. Borgå).

I am retired from my actual work after 30 years in the insurance industry in Porvoo. Before that I worked for 10 years within imports of agricultural machinery from Denmark, which laid the foundation for my big interest in the country.

Work among both private customers and companies created a large network of contacts in the region's business community, which I as consul benefitted greatly from. Many years of activity in both voluntary cultural activities and local politics has also given me both knowledge and contacts within the municipal administration. This has, of course, facilitated cooperation between the local community and the Consulate.

Honorary consul Ingmar Karlsson

Porvoo, the second oldest city in Finland, is located about 50 km East of Helsinki. The city has about 50 000 inhabitants, of which approximately 65% have Finnish as their native language, and just over 30% speak Swedish as their native language. This means that it is relatively easy for even a Dane to communicate with people in Porvoo.

Neste Oil Porvoo is the Nordic region's largest petrochemical industry, with major oil port and oil refinery and other industry related to these. Also printing industry has long roots in Porvoo.


Porvoo is an ancient cultural city. This was the home of the national poet of Finland, Johan Ludvig Runeberg, the painter Albert Edelfelt, the sculptor Valter Runeberg, the sculptor Ville Wallgren and many others. Painter Åke Hellman has his home in Porvoo, and there are many active artists, writers and musicians in Porvoo as well. On the webpage Visit Porvoo you can find information about current events in Porvoo.


Ingmar Karlsson